Saturday, July 19, 2008

My 1st Pink Saturday!! Woo Hoo!!

This is my first time to participate in Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly at howsweetthesound . Make sure you go see her and then you can visit all the other Pink Ones today! Thank you Beverly, this is going to be fun!

Well, I must hurry so I can catch up with all of you!

Let's see...hear we go. I'm waking up on this beautiful Saturday morning and wonder what it is I had planned to do today? Oh, I almost forgot! It's Pink Saturday! So, I jump out of my pretty pink bed...

Hop into my pink clawfoot bathtub, must be fresh for my day. Let's see, where is that bubble bath!

I dry myself off with my pretty pink towels. One for my little (ha ha) body and one for my gorgeous hair!

Now, it's time for all my pink froo froo -lotions, combs and brushes, toothpaste, make up, and of course my Chanel No. 5 to smell oh so sweet!

I do want to look nice today - I'm going shopping - so I'll put on this pretty polka dot pink dress. It's so hot, sleeveless will be good and cool for me!
Let's see, where are my pink shoes? Here they are, my favs. They are rather high heeled, but they are oh so comfy and I can walk for hours in them.

Now before I leave the house, I must have a good breakfast to give me nourishment and strength for my shopping trip! Oh, look! Mr. Precious has set the table for me with my pretty pink dishes (he's out for his morning run)! Is that some strawberry sherbert he has left for me? Well, it is pink and it is Pink Saturday!

Ok, I'm ready to go. I'll grab my pretty pink hat to shade my gorgeous blue eyes from the sun.

OOPS! Mustn't forget my pink cell phone. You know how we need these things and I must call and check on Mr. Precious and Chloe Dawn from time to time.

Here is my pretty blingy pink key fob with all the keys to my cars on it. This just makes a girl feel so special when all these shiny jewels are in her hand. It's almost as good as shiny jewels "on" your hand!

Now, being that Mr. Precious is a millionare and has bought me so many wonderful pink cars, it's hard to make a decision on which one I'll take for the day.

Let's see...this is cute, but I don't feel like being Ms. Pink Hoity Toity today. I won't be taking this pink car.

Oh, I just love my pink jeep, but I'm not going to be traveling up and down hills today, so I think I'll pass on this cute pink sweetie. Kiss kiss Pinky Jeepy!

Here's another cute pink favorite, but it's not appropriate for shopping - no where to put my treasures!

I simply adore this little precious pink number, but I don't think I want to "work" my little legs so hard and I could destroy my beautiful pink shoes!

Now this is the pinkness I will drive today! This little pink car is just perfect for a shopping trip! See the marvelous pink hubs!

Okay, I must not forget my pink shopping bag and away I go!!

I've just found my first treasure - a pink tea pot! This will be perfect for Jan's tea in August!

Into my shopping bag goes this adorable pink bear for my Chloe Dawn!

Oh look! A pink tool box filled with all of the little pink things I need to fix and hang things around my pink house!

Oh my, it's lunchtime now! I'm starving! I pop into the ever popular Pink Tea Room for a bite. I sit at a table where I meet new pink friends! Every gal at my table has on the same pink polka dot dress as me! I am having a marvelous time being pink!
I'm taking the last few sips of my pink strawberry smoothie when...

Here comes my wonderful piece of pink cake! All the gals at my table are getting a slice of pinkness too!

Now that lunch is over, I want to just pop into the Pink Tootsie Wootsie Shop and buy some pink flip flops. Oh, I adore these! Into my pink shopping bag they go. Well, of couse I paid for them with my pink money! That's all the cash I have left!

I've had a wonderful day of shopping and meeting new friends. I'm even bringing home two slices of that delicious pink cake for Mr. Precious and Chloe Dawn.
As I drive my little pinkness of automobileness down my pink street, I see my lovely home awaiting me in all of her pink glory.

As I enter my house, I drop all of my pink treasures on the pink shag rug next to the front door and spy my favorite pink checkered chair. She is beckoning to me...sit, sit, sit in my pinkness and rest your weary pink feet, she says.

What do you think I'm going to do? I kick off my favorite pink shoes, plop down in my favorite pink checkered chair and say to myself, "I am so happy, content and blessed to have had a perfectly wonderful pink day!" (I know it looks like my feet are outside somewhere, but you're seeing the unfinished hardwood floors in the living room that Mr. Precious hasn't sanded and stained yet).

Oh, back to my story. Chloe Dawn very carefully tiptoes up to her Mommy bringing me a cup of tea in my favorite pink cup. "Thank you, my precious," I say, and she walks back into the other room. I notice she is wearing pink house slippers on her little feet so she can walk quietly.

I have had a delightful Pink Saturday!

This is a fictional story. Pink names, pink storylines and pink colors have been changed to protect the innocent.
Here's a little Note Song for you ~
Pink it's my new obsession
Pink it's not even a question,
Pink on the lips of your lover,
'cause Pink is the love you discover
~ Aerosmith