Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I've Been SEW Busy!

Last week I decided to make a couple of pillows using some of my red work I had embroidered this summer. You know I kinda like the old roosters and found these great patterns to embroider in red work. Red work is really just using red thread for the entire design. You could use blue, or green, or whatever...but I guess you'd have to call it green work or blue work. Duh! :)I was really pleased with how these pillows turned out. The photo is a tad dark, but the red work is framed in a really pretty green fabric with big red roses on it. Then I added a little two inch ruffle around the edge out of a coordinating red print.
This is the first pillow.
Here is the second pillow. Isn't this guy a cutie? Now where am I going to put them?
I don't think pillows belong in a bookshelf, do you?

Don't think the kitchen counter top is a good idea either, especially by the microwave. Nope!

Not on top of great grandfather's clock! Now I have to get my stool to get this pillow down. You know I'm not very tall!

Roscoe! I know you have a bad back, but you cannot use this new pillow!

How did this pillow get here with Bunny Foo Foo!?

Chloe Dawn! Are you in on this too!

Oh, I think this just might be the perfect spot! Yes, this is it! I think my new rooster pillows look just right on the little love seat on the sunporch. Do you agree?

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~
Pillow talk, pillow talk
Another night of hearin' myself talk, talk, talk, talk
Wonder how it would be
To have someone to pillow talk with me
I wonder how I wonder who
Pillow talk, pillow talk
Another night of bein' alone with pillow talk
When it's all said and done
Two heads together can be better than one
That's what they say
They always say
All I do is talk to my pillow
Talk to my pillow, talk to my pillow
All I do is talk to my pillow
Talk about the boy I'm gonna marry someday
Somehow, some way, sometime

~ Buddy Pepper & Inez James