Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm Tasseled Now and And I've Had An Exciting Three Weeks! :)

I'm so thrilled because I have two exciting things to share with you today! First of all, I have met Susie at susieharris.blogspot and she is just the most precious thing! Besides, being precious, she has an amazing talent of making gorgeous tassels. Well, I love tassels and found a couple she'd made that I just didn't think I could live with out so I ordered them! She sells her amazing works on Etsy. Here is the link to buy homemade things along with other precious cuties:

I received a little package in the mail yesterday and oh, oh, oh, I was jumping up and down and Chloe Dawn was barking at me!!
I opened up the box, and look...pretties!
Susie had put in the box these marvelous rooster tags that were tied with green and white checkered ribbons! She knows I like the roosters. What a surprise! See, I told you she was precious!!
Then in the bottom of the box were these two white parcels wrapped in white tissue paper. Be still my heart! Well, don't be 'still' but just calm down a little!

First of all, I unwrapped this gorgeous little chicken tassel! I thought I needed at least one cute chick to keep all the boys on their toes. Isn't she darling?
In the other parcel was this most charming little tea pot tassel you've ever seen! Look how very dainty this is!
Now, I knew immediately where I was going to hang Ms. Prissy. Yep, done named her! She would be awesome looking hanging from the knob on my pantry door. This way she would be out of reach from those old roosters!
Her colors just match my kitchen perfectly! Even looks good with my 'Martha Pot'.
Now to the little dainty tea pot tassel. I could hang her here on my hutch in the breakfast room...
Look again at how beautiful this is!
Or I could hang her from the little knob on these little shelves in the breakfast room...
or I could bring her into the dining room and hang her on the knob of my china cabinet. Yes, that's where I think I'll let her hang out for now! Tomorrow is another day! No telling where she might end up!
I love my new tassels! I feel as if Susie made them just for me! Please go and check out her tassels, they really are wonderful. I think I'm going to start my Christmas shopping early this year. Now ____ needs a kitty tassel, and ____ needs a doggie tassel, and ...


I Have Had An Exciting Three Weeks!!

Dear Ones, the second thing I'd like to share is, I've been blogging for three weeks now! This has been such a wonderful experience and fun time for me! You have all welcomed me with open arms into Blogland.

In just three weeks I feel I've made some wonderful friends. Some of you I met through Rate My Space and now it's such a joy and privilege to see your sweet faces and be able to chat with you more. I've enjoyed getting to know a little bit about you so much in these three short weeks: how you decorate, your wonderful recipes, your precious pets, your craftiness, your trips, your happiness, your sadness, your expectations, on and on I could go. My journey is just beginning and I thank you all for your kindness, encouragement and the technical help you've given me!

Love you all and just wanted to toast to our future days together ~ blog on, dear ones!

Kisses, hugs and remember to always be a sweetie - Shelia ;)
Here's a little celebration Note Song for you ~
Celebrate good times
Come on !
Let's celebrate-
Celebrate good times
Come on !
Let's celebrate
There's a party going on right here
A celebration to last throughout the years
So bring your good times and your laughter too
We're gonna celebrate your party with you !
~ Kool & the Gang