Monday, July 21, 2008

I Am So Jazzed!!

Yes, I am JAZZED! Jan at jt-jantom. 'Jan and Tom's Place' recently had a give away, I entered and I won!! Woo Hoo! I'm JAZZED! I've been waiting very patiently for my box of goodies to arrive and here it is!

I'm still JAZZED! as I open my box to discover what wonderful goodies await me inside!

First of all, I open a pretty tissue wrapped parcel and find doggie treats for Miss Chloe Dawn! Now that girl is JAZZED!
Then these adorable little rooster hooks! Did I mention I'm JAZZED!?

And tea!! I just love tea! Can't wait to try this!

Oh, these absolutely delicious rolled wafers! Now Mr. Precious is JAZZED! I can't keep him out of MY wafers!
Then I unwrap a very very soft tissue wrapped parcel and look who is hiding inside! It's Cynthia! I know this because she gave me a little note with her name written on it. Bears just cannot talk no matter how cute they are! Did you know I was JAZZED!?
Oh, thank you so much Jan for all of my goodies! This is just thrilling! I must say it again, I'm JAZZED! Jan took the time to get to know me - she read my blog and picked things she knew I would like. Wasn't that the sweetest thing?
I didn't loose any time at all hanging the darling little rooster hooks. I'm still JAZZED and that's why this picture is a little blurry!

Uh oh...
Chloe Dawn, what are you doing with Cynthia!? Yes, she is very soft. I know, she's pretty too, but darling, this is Mommy's little new bear. I know you love her and I'm sure she loves you, too, no Chloe, you cannot hold her anymore.

That's right, darling, it's Mommy's new bear and you have lots of babies to play with. I know she would make you a wonderfully soft pillow for naps, but uh uh!Let's see, you can decide where Cynthia will sit!
Cynthia looks so cute in this chair, don't you think? No? Oh, you're right, Chloe Dawn, this is where you take your evening naps. Okay, where shall little Cynthia sit?
This is the perfect spot for Cynthia! She looks adorable here. You picked the perfect chair for her, Chloe Dawn! Mommy is so proud of you! Okay, I'll get you one of your doggie treats from Ms. Jan! (now Chloe Dawn is JAZZED!)

Being JAZZED really just wears you out! So I'm making some of this wonderful tea and hey, Mr. Precious, please give me my wafers!
Jan, again thank you so much for picking my name to receive all your wonderful gifts!
I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~
More of That Jazz
If you're feeling tired and lonely
Uninspired and lonely
If you're thinking how the days seem long
All you're given
Is what you've been given a thousand times before
Just more more
More of that jazz
More no more of that jazz
Give me no more
No more of that jazz
~ Queen