Friday, July 11, 2008

From Darkness To Light!

Today I would like to take you on a tour of our den. We live in an old house built in 1970 and when we walked into this room it had dark wood paneling - I hated it! I told Mr. Precious we would paint this up a nice light color right away and it would look so nice. Well, this time Mr. Precious won! It took me 10 YEARS to convince him this room would look so much better brightened up. After the painting was finished he said, "Why did you wait so long to paint that old paneling?" You know what - I punched him in the stomach right then and there! Not really, but I always say I punch Mr. Precious
in the stomach when he acts out!
Here is the terrible old dark wood paneling.
Even the beams on the ceiling were dark wood.
Woo Hoo! Let the painting begin!
Isn't this so much better?
I collect Staffordshire dog figurines and I think they look so nice
in the bright white builtins

This is a sweet little dog lamp Mr. Precious gave me for Christmas.
The mantel with a pair of my doggies standing guard.
How did this get in here twice?
Isn't it so much brighter now?
Living on the gulf coast, we thought this picture of the
pelicans would be perfect.
Do pelicans and dogs go together?
Here are the builtins on the right side of the fireplace.
A little bit more of the coastal flair - shells in the glass jar.
Notice the greenery - trying to hide Mr. Precious' Bose speakers.
Mr. Precious' chair is on the right and mine is on the left.
Looking into breakfast room.
See how the sunporch is just behind the den?
I painted it the same color as the den.
I'm sure it had been a covered deck at one time.
Didn't I show you this picture already?
Another little spot to play with. See my garage sale lamp?
I bought a new shade, added beaded trim and grosgrain ribbon.
This is a very old clock passed down to me
from my great great grandfather.
I know, I know...this brightly colored teal bowl and lid totally do not match
one thing in this room! But Mr. Precious bought it for us when we were
in Italy and I made the floral arrangement in it. We love it!
Hope you enjoyed touring our den and I didn't bore you
too much with all the pictures.
I guess this would be our favorite room in our home
because we spend so much time in here.
Light really is better than darkness!
I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~
I Saw The Light
I saw the light
I saw the light
No more darkness
No more night
Now I’m so happy
No sorrow in sight
Praise the lord
I saw the light.
~ Hank Williams


  1. What a lovely space...and you're right, it looks sooooooo much nicer painted white...and your doggies look soooo beautiful, too! Even Chloe Dawn must look prettier her colors!!


  2. Everything looks better painted white! Your home is very classy!

  3. looks good as usual! thanks for the tour

  4. It's amazing the difference white paint made. It looks great!

  5. What a beautiful room! Such a change. I love what you've done with it. You home is so lovely. And restful. I'll be right over! ~Adrienne~

  6. Doesn't Mr. Precious know that mother always knows best ? :0) :0
    I Love it !

  7. Beautiful! I LOVE painted paneling.

  8. Morning Pickle!!!! I loved this post..oh your home feels so warm amd inviting and the difference that paint made..oh my word! Beautiful girl and that little teal bowl at the end looks a a precious jewel that just sets everything off perfect! Have a great weekend sweetie!

  9. Oh Pickle.. what a wonderful difference paint makes...I always say we're on a 5 year rotation plan around here.. seems it just takes longer to get things done... so 5 years isn't too long to have to wait to get dh in the "mood" to get things how's our Chloe Dawn this a.m.. did she pull things off the chair once again??? Stay tuned and you'll see pics after bit of what my Miss Scooter did... our animals. just have to love them huh???? hugs ~ lynne ~

  10. Hiya Luv,

    I love the white and I am sooo happy that you went with the super shiny white - like in England :) I have to say from seeing it before & after that the painting certainly makes all the difference in the world. Mr Precious doesn't always know best - does he! LOL. It has opened everything up so much. I think pelicans and dogs go together perfectly well. Life wouldn't be half as fun without our our furry and feathery friends. And anything that you put together looks fab - you have the decorating touch. Now come and fix me house :)

  11. Honey buns, I don't "gasp" a lot but this is definitely one of those times!!! As I first started reading and scrolled down I was enchanted with what you've done to that lovely space. You're fantastic, my little song chick! I just need to show hubs this one and he'll feel better about what I AM GOING TO DO WITH OUR DINING TABLE AND BEDROOM FURNITURE!! ;-) And it won't take 10 years, trust me on this!!!

  12. Oh Shelia, I love it love it love it! What an amazing difference white paint made! I love white and if it was up to me I would paint all my furniture white--then my husband will surely kill me! :)

    You've done a great job

    Have a lovely weekend...


  13. It sure looks very inviting and relaxing!

  14. Thank you for the tour. I love all your dogs. But then you know what an animal lover I am. I have rooms that don't totally match either. I thin it drives my interior decorator mother in-law nuts, but I think that it makes it feel more homey. If EVERYTHING is perfect it feels too stiff.
    My hubby used to be in the Coast Guard so I love ocean decor too. My Great Room (kitchen, dining, family room) is done in lighthouses and sea shells. It reminds me of our living on the coasts days.

  15. Oh, yes this is much better. It makes it look brighter and undated. Great job !
    Give yourself a pat on the back.


  16. GORGEOUS makeover! There is nothing I like better than before and afters! Looks sooo welcoming...


  17. Hi Shelia :)

    Your den looks wonderful! So much brighter :)

    Annie is much better now. Shopping does it everytime ;)


  18. Oh, so much brighter. It turned out very pretty. Love all your knick knacks.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. The last statement was no pun intended? (cute)

  19. Sheila, your new room is so pretty and cheerful -- and it looks much bigger, too. It's too bad Mr. Precious (love his name) held out for ten years.

    I love your new (?) header, too, and want you to know that "I Saw the Light" will be playing in my head the rest of the day ... lol I love it, especially by Hank Williams.

    Hope you and "Mr. Precious" have a nice relaxing weekend in that pretty den.



  20. OOOOH MY GOSH SHEILA....What an amazing trasformation...just remarkable. I love it. Speaking of Staffordshire dogs...I have a SPECTACULAR LARGE PAIR OF THESE DOGS THAT I AM GOING TO SELL...INTERESTED????? Next run..not walk...over to my blog and find out the honor which is being bestowed on you. Happy days,

  21. You and that paintbrush created a miracle. The room is lovely and inviting. Great job.

    I love Staffordshire dogs.

  22. I love the white! Bye, bye wood paneling!
    Your italian centerpiece looks perfect to me!
    Hugs, B.

  23. It looks so much better!! Kathy

  24. Shelia, the room looks just fabulous! Nice and cozy and the white built-ins really look great. Did you also change out the fireplace box? I have to say, I think the teal bowl and lid look gorgeous and it's got meaning to it too! You didn't bore me one little bit!

    Justine :o )

  25. Hi Sheila, your room looks just beautiful. I love white paint, you've done some fine decorating here!
    I think I will join the tea party again in Aug., maybe I will just use my tiny tea sets this time.
    Blessings, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  26. I loved all of those pictures.... Your den looks awesome ! You can stop by my house any time and do that magic here, smile... About the rooster.. Do you have a paypal account?.... If you do I think you just have to give them you info... If not I think you can take the option to pay by check..I think? I have never bought anything so Im really not certain on how it all works... Im know Im not that much of a help. Maybe just go to the etsy sight and check it out. Let me know and maybe we can figure this out together. I really need to know how it all works so I can explain to future newbies too...including, Susie h~

  27. Hi Sheila!
    I'm sorry I just took off without warning, I took the kids on to my mom for a few days, there was no internet access there!

    Still trying to catch up in blog land! 10 years you waited!! But it turned out so wonderful!!

    When you said you punched your hubby i was like WHAAAAT?

    You cracked my up!!


  28. Wow what a difference a can of paint can do for a room. It is so beautiful, you did a great job. By the way the teal bowl goes great with your room, the colors in it match you sofa. Light tan I think I really can't tell what color it is but it goes well. I love it.Thank you for the tour if was fun.


  29. Hey Sheila, What a difference a little paint makes...Your home looks comfy and homey...I love it!!! Hope you have had a good week... God Bless..Montacoo :))

  30. Sheila,
    Wow, what a diference that white paint makes. Everything looks great.


  31. What a difference!! The room looks incredible! It's like a whole new room! Isn't it amazing what paint can do?? I personally LOVE the teal bowl on the coffe table. I think it is fun to throw something in a room just because it doesn't necessarily "match"! It adds a bit of whimsy!
    Oh and I laughed when I saw that you covered up Mr. Precious' Bose speakers but my husband said "Oh that's just not right!" If men only understood us........or if we just understood them....hmmm. LOL!!! Can't they make those speakers look like a precious vase or something??
    -Heather :)

  32. The woodwork looks great white. Great change.


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