Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Have you ever taken a cruise? Oh, it's a wonderful way to spend a week! In June, Mr. Precious and I boarded the Carnival Conquest and set sail for the Caribbean! We've been on many cruises and even these same ports before, so we decided this would really be a time of rest for us. It was very relaxing for me and this is the time I enbroidered my red work roosters that I made into pillows.

Now being the decor dears that we are, I thought I would show you our little room! Well, actually these rooms are called cabins. A regular cabin is really very very small, but we had a wonderful suite and it had three closets! Now that is pretty special! This is looking into the living room as you walk into the room.
That's the front door to the suite on the left hand side and the door on the right goes into the bathroom.

We were treated with a little basket of fruit all wrapped up in cellophane and tied with a Carnival ribbon! Had to save the bananas for Mr. Precious - he's a runner and need his potassium.
Again, if you've been on a cruise, most of the time you will get a little teeny shower so small that when you're in there, the shower curtain is hugging your backside. That does not feel very good! But look! We had a bathtub! And it had bubbles! (that's what I call a jacuzzi tub)

Can you believe this? The bathroom was even equipped with a bidet! No, no, Mr. Precious! That is not a foot bath!! :) men!

Every night after dinner we would come back to our room and there was always a cute little towel animal waiting to make us smile! Oh, this little puppy dog was making me sad - I was beginning to miss my little Chloe Dawn!

Now our ports of call on this cruise were Montego Bay, Jamaica; Cozumel, Mexico; and Georgetown, Grand Cayman. Here we are on the little sea taxi - the tender, coming back to our ship. It was perfect for a photo! snap snap!
In Cozumel, this is about all the cutting up Mr. Precious and I did - posing as monkeys.

We had dinner most nights in the dining room and the food was very good. They have a dessert called a Chocolate Melting Cake and I think I ate it five nights in a row! Yum!!

This table setting is at The Point Supper Club on the ship! Aren't these dishes lovely? Mr. Precious made reservations for us and two other couples to DINE here. This was a little mushroom soup, well, slurp before our entree came. The food was really delicious!
Because Mr. Precious and I are so special, we were invited to eat with the Captain and his crew one night! He was from Italy and told us all about his family. He is on the ship for quite a few months and then back with his family in Italy for a few months. I certainly would not want my Mr. Precious being away from me so long! Oh, I didn't ask my friends if they would like to be in Blogland so I'm respecting their privacy and covering their faces. They are very good looking folks though! ;)
Being that Mr. Precious and I are so special, the Captian invited us to come and see the ship's bridge the next day! Of course we couldn't wait. Everything was spotless in here and looked like a big game room with all the little levers! Oh, how I wanted to push that lever by my hand up just a little bit and see what would happen, but I didn't want to go to jail!
Looking out at the beautiful sea and the last sunset of our cruise, Mr. Precious and I felt very rested and calm. OOPS! I just thought of something! When I get home, I'll have to wash all the dirty clothes! So much for peace and relaxation!
Hope you've enjoyed our little cruise and I have a little Note Song for you ~
Sea Cruise
Old man Rhythm is in my shoes
No use sittin' here and singin' the blues
So be my guest, you got nothin' to lose
Won't you let me take you on a sea cruise?
Ooo eee, ooo eee baby
Ooo eee, ooo eee baby
Ooo eee, ooo eee baby
Won't you let me take you on a sea cruise?

~ Glenn Frey