Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Backyard Saturday

Thought I would show you a little of the summer green and what's growing in our backyard this beautiful, sunny and very hot Saturday!
As you can see, our little backyard is very small, but has flower beds on three sides. This side of the yard gets the morning sun and we call it the shady side.
A few years ago I planted my lemon tree - it was literally a stick! Now it's growing happily on the sunny side of the yard. I'm not sure the type of lemons it produces, but the fruit is really big and so juicy. They're fully ripe around Christmas time. What a nice surprise it is to give someone a fresh homegrown lemon from your own tree!
We have plenty of ferns growing on the shady side. Oh, please excuse that nasty looking board in the background. That is to keep Miss Chloe Dawn from going where she ought not be going! The cross hanging down is from a wind chime made for us by a friend. Yes, we have a few of those!It just so happened this pretty hibiscus bloom fell into the perfect place - right by Ms. Bunny's ear!
Isn't the dog life just grand? Miss Chloe Dawn is rolling around and having a wonderful time in the soft green grass and singing a song!
Straight from Chloe Dawn's little aria is a Note Song for you:
In The Summertime

In the summertime when the weather is high
You can stretch right up and touch the sky
When the weather's fine, you got women,
You got women on your mind
Have a think, have a drive,
Go out and see what you can find.
Sing along with us, doo-be-da-da-doo...
~ R. Dorset