Saturday, June 28, 2008

OOPS! Forgot to leave you a Note Song!

If I knew you were coming I'd a baked a cake
Baked a cake, baked a cake
If I knew you were coming I'd baked a cake
How'd ya do, how'd ya do, how'd ya do?


  1. Sheila,

    Welcome to blogland; I love your note songs and I think I have read many, if not all, of the books you show on the sidebar. Donna Parker was such a multi-faceted girl; honor student, school newspaper reporter, detective (if I am remembering correctly). I never met a girl detective that I didn't love, lol.

    Come visit me at Housepeepers, we will talk about Nancy, Cherry and Trixie.



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  2. Hi Pickle Poo!! Did you tell me you started a blog?? I don't think you did!

    I stopped in my tracks when I read that little song. My grandpa Ox used to to sing that everytime we'd come over to their house. What a sweet memory :)

    Welcome to Blogland!!


  3. Welcome to blogland! I love the Note Song idea. (I LOVE music) Everyone of the songs you've used so far have brought back a flood of memories. I love you pictures and you inviting attitude.

  4. Oh my goodness! I just found your comment with you telling me about the blog. I'm sorry!! My head is not here LOL

    Of course I don't mind! I added yours to mine too ;)


  5. Hi Sheila -
    This little song brought back memories of my childhood. I think I was humming as I read it!

  6. That would be fun. I'm enjoying visiting you.

  7. Hi Sheilia! Love your red door and that bike is soooo cute. Were you really out riding? Too hilly around my house for that...or else I have to get in better shape. :-) Thanks for you wonderful comments at Gollum are a love!

  8. POOH!!!!!!

    It's me jerseygirl211. To refresh your memory, I'm the one with the red and while Toile wallpaper in the white corner cabinet from RMS. :)

    I was so thrilled to get your message on my blog. :) I'm so new at this that when I goof a lot. I have to walk away from it for a while and then go back and try again.

    I wish you luck with yours and hope that we will now get the chance to know each other better.

    Hello to the doggies from me....

    'D' at 'D's DayDreams


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