Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back Door Guests Are Always Best

Hi there! I've just returned home from a short bike ride and here you are coming for a visit at my back door! Well, let me put the kick stand down and we'll go inside. Oh, but first ~ look ~ I painted my awful old beat up white door red! Don't you just love red?!

And I knew you were coming and so I put together a little flower arrangement for the door. Don't think it's going to work though, the cone is metal and it's trying to scratch up my freshly painted door!
Oh, were you ringing my little rabbit dinner bell to see if I were home? Isn't it cute? I found it at Marshall's. Don't you just love that place?

Oops! We have to walk through the laundry room to get to the kitchen and I forgot to spruce it up! Well, there's clothes all over, shoes, a bag of dog food I haven't put up get the picture. So, please just cover your eyes and promise me you won't peek!

Ok, now we're in the kitchen. If you visit HGTV's Rate My Space you may recognize my kitchen and I post under the name Picklepoo. So you see my little kitchen. It's certainly not grand and oh so modern like a lot of kitchens ~ it's just my little kitchen. Our house is almost 40 years old and thus a 40 year old kitchen! But I like it. So look around a bit.

Hope you've enjoyed looking at my little kitchen. Thought we would have had a remodel by now but it hasn't happened. Hopefully soon we can be making some changes. Thanks for the visit!

Shelia ;)